International Bulletin of Business Administration

 Issue 4
 April, 2009

Pessimism of Swiss Bond Market Analysts and the Limits of the Sign Accuracy Test – An Empirical Investigation of their Forecasting Success between 1998 and 2007
Markus Spiwoks, Nils Bedke and Oliver Hein

The State, Politics of Poverty and Food Isecurity in Nigeria
Martin Ikechukwu Ifeanacho, Ngboawaji Daniel Nte and Josephine Nwagwu

Evaluating the Consequences of Performance Measurements:Theoretical Issues and Descriptive Analysis
Rafat S. Salameh, Jamal Abu-Serdaneh and Majdy I. Zuriekat

Managing Conflict in Malaysian Sports Organizations
Aminuddin Yusof, Mohd Sofian Omar-Fauzee, Muhamad Nazrul Hakim Abdullah and Parilah Mohd Shah

The Application of Human Resource Scorecard: A Case Study of Public Hospitals in NTT Province, Indonesia
Riana Sitawati, Sodikin Manaf and Endah Winarti

Factors Affecting New Product Development in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry
Azaze Abdul Adis and Izyanti Awang Razli