International Bulletin of Business Administration

 Issue 11
 August, 2011

External Advertisements (Roads Advertisements and its Impact on Customer Behavior) Survey of Consumers of Food, Sugar-Free, in the Abdoun Area
Nidal Al-Salhi

Factors Influencing Jordanian Universities Students Motives and Attitudes toward SMS Advertising: Empirical Study Based on Jordanian Students View
Talal Taher Nusair and Younes A. A. Megdadi

Set the Investment & Financial Strategy in Iranian Automotive Industry Holding Company
Behzad Naseri, Hojjatollah Saydi and Abolfazl Kazzazi

Response to Color: Literature Review with Cross-Cultural Marketing Perspective
Sable, Paul and Akcay, Okan

The Review of Financial Repression Policies and Banking System in Iran
Omid Dehghan Nejad

Assessment of Budgeting by Utilizing Goal Programming ModelCase Study: Qom Province, Iran
S. M. Ali Khatami Firouzabadi, Javad Siahkali Moradi, Hossein Mohebbi and Mohammed Ali Afshari

A Review of the Causes and Effects of Organisational Role Stress in Doctors
Pia Muriel Cardoso and Christo F. V. Fernandes

Current Philosophy of Government Business in Nigeria
DAKARE, Olamitunji, SULAIMON, A. A, KUYE, O. L. and IWUJI, I. I.

Comparison Study among Methods of Encouragement & Punishment in the Generous Quran and Psychologist's View
Sayd Ahmad Mirhosainee Nayyeri, AliRedha MohammadRedhaei and Najmo Ssadat Atarod

Applying SERVQUAL Model and Factor Analysis in Assessing Customer Satisfaction with Service Quality: The Case of Mobile Telecommunications in Macedonia
Jusuf Zekiri

Evaluation of Daily Return Behavior of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)
Seyed Reza Miraskari, Mehrdad Zolfalizadeh and Ashraf Jafari

A Simulation-Based heuristic for the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem
P. Azimi and M. A. Salehi. A.

Role of Knowledge Management to Bring Innovation: An Integrated Approach
Kashif Akram, Suleman Hafeez Siddiqui, Muhammad Atif Nawaz, Tauqir Ahmad Ghauri and Amjad Khawar Hayat Cheema

The Economic Power of Small Businesses: The Case of Republic of Macedonia
Veland Ramadani

Growth, Sustainability and Inhibiting Factors of Family Owned Businesses in the South East of Nigeria
Ifekwem, N.E., Oghojafor, B. E. A. and Kuye, O. L.